Thursday, 31 January 2013

James cracknell sums it up

Watch this for a race summary by James cracknell

Oh my god I'm in

I've just got off the phone with Mencap. My place in the race has been confirmed. Whoop!!!!
I know it's two years away but I'm really excited. Please keep following and I will post details of my donation site.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Can you start training too early??????

Did a 11.5 miler today. 1 mile on sand. I haven't ran on sand for a long time. Felt ok. It would be good to do MDS in my five fingers, but I reckon not. Will have to investigate further. I might have to re train my legs again lol.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Fundraising plan

Getting ahead of the game, with my fundraising plan.

 fundraising plan for Mark Nussey - marathon des sable 2015
Apr 13- may 2015 Set up giving site and link to my blog and Facebook £1500

Apr 13 Sponsorship letters to local big businesses including birds eye and Gardwell £500
Apr 13 Sponsorship from family businesses £500
Apr 13 Bag packing at Tescos £ 1000

Sept 13 wine taste and auction £  1500
Sept 13 Great North run sponsorship £300

Dec 13 Christmas Bag pack at Asda £  1500
Apr 14 Possible London marathon ( dependant on ballot place) £    300

Aug 14 Day in the dunes beach barbecue £     300

Nov 14 Fancy dress Exercizathon £ 1500

Dec 14 Christmas Bag pack at Morrissons £ 1500
  Reg fee: £   500.00
  Total Sponsorship: £  10,900

Above is my fundraising plan for the Marathon des sable.

If you are reading this and feel you can help with any of the events or have a fundraising idea, please please comment.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Waiting to be accepted to participate

Ok I've made my mind up. I'm going for it. I love challenges. And omg this is a biggey. Bring it on.
I've started the ball rolling in my quest to participate in the 2015 Marathon des Sable. I've contacted Mencap, I have filled out the application form. I now just have to wait and see if I'm accepted...........