Saturday, 26 April 2014

4 weeks to London to Brighton.

This week has been an ordinary week, steady training. I received my start time for L2B. I'm off at 6.40am with 150 other people. I'm looking forward to it. And I'm also looking forward to getting it out of the way. I can then cut my training time but make it more quality training.

I've reached £6000 in the fundraising, and I'm sure there is still money to come in from the Exercisathon.

.I've started another fundraiser this week. I want people to guess how long it will take me to cover the 100 km in 4 weeks time. £2 per guess and a correct guess could win upto £200. I've added the usual tie break of, guess how many times my peanut bladder will have to be emptied during the run.

#fitness tip 9 Try something new. Whether that's a new distance or a new part of your training regime. You might well be surprised with the results

Diary of a long Distance Runner
Sunday 20th April 2014. 60minutes steady run
Tuesday 22nd April 2014 45 minutes fast pace
Wednesday 23rd April 2014 60 minutes x- country
Saturday 26th April 2014 75 minutes steady
Sunday 27th April 2014 115 minutes steady on the road, warm morning

Videos from this week
6.30am sun 27th April 2014
7.30am Sunday 27th April 2014

March and April 2014 Donations Roll of honour

Andrea Hoskins- work colleague at Sentinel
Ian Harrison - ex work colleague at Sentinel
Paul groom bridge- Raf Regt gunner, did Mds last year
Red Lester- Raf Regt gunner
Rebecca Smith- fellow student from London school sports massage
Several anonymous donators

Thank you thank you thank you

Saturday, 19 April 2014

5 weeks till L2B

Continuing on from last post and catching up with the last few months. Here's a few vids of my runs. I will be covering more of my runs on video as i have recently purchased a mono pole, which takes good footage.

Here's a sunny seaside run with Paula.....


And a crazy night run starting at 2am

 My eating has changed for the better also. I'm trying to get to my race weight if possible. Improving food quality and quantity is changing slowly. I've always said I'm a functional eater rather than eating something because it looks good or tastes out of this world. Since ultra running food functionality has taken a whole new dimension. It's another thing on the list that has to be taken serious and not being overlooked.
This is something I had at the weekend......

Steak with charred corn salsa with white bean salad......... Lush and very filling.

Now that I'm making time for blogging, from next week, the old blog bits will return like: diary of a long distance runner, fitness tips and donation roll of honour.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014


My blogging hasn't been happening but my running has. I've changed things that I was doing, because it wasn't working or I was getting too tired or injured. Its hard work training for ultras and working full time. My partner  Paula, has to put up with a lot and sometimes miss out on lie ins and relaxing weekends, and I am so grateful to her for her patience
I think families, partners, girlfriends/boyfriends can be overlooked when accepting to do some challenge. I'm lucky I've found an understanding one, most of the time.

Some of my changes.....

As mentioned in my last post, I now attend Yoga classes. I try and go at least once a week. I find it's abit of relaxing me time and my lower back and legs have so far been injury free. 

I was finding with my training, that I was putting myself under pressure with my training runs, by planning my runs in terms of distance. This on occasions wasn't giving me time to stretch following the session. I now look at what time I have, I then take off 20 minutes and then the time left, is my run time. If I'm having a good or bad day, the time remains the same. So far so good, I don't feel under pressure to get back and the all important stretches at the end, are able to be done.

I feel that these two changes alone, have moved me forward greatly.

This is my run chart now.

Latest on the fundraising front........

I'm over half way.....whoop whoop!!!!!

The last bit of fundraising was an Exercisathon on Sunday 23rd March at the Waterlane Leisure centre.

This event was from 10am until 5pm. 4 rooms, 28 classes, 15 fantastic instructors. It was a great day. Still waiting for all the sponsorship money to come in.

I would like to thank all those that took part, all the instructors and those that helped to make the day go as well as it did.

As I publish this, the 2014 MDS will be coming to an end, and so the 12 months planning really starts now.

Thanks to the ultramarathon store, who are still sponsoring me. Please have a look at their website at.