Sunday, 28 April 2013

Wahooo!!!!!!! its been warmer

Its been a better week for my running this week. The suns been out. My legs and feet are feeling good.

Im on to 4 pages of guesses for my 12hr run on June 29th 2013. You still have plenty of time, if you want to make a guess or add another guess.As I mentioned in previous blogs, I have been forced to change venue for this challenge.  I will confirm by the end of May, but its likely that i will be running around a 2 mile ish circuit on seafront/cliff at Gorleston on Sea, Norfolk.
Gorleston cliff

This is the site of a weekly Parkrun at Gorleston cliffs, which is free to enter, its 5km and starts at 9am every Saturday. Make sure you have registered with Parkrun before you go. Even though its free, you need to print out a personilised bar code to get your time.

There are runners of all abilities, ages, sizes. Go on ,give it a look.

Fitness Tip#6    Goal setting.

If you get this right, the world is your oyster. Whatever goals you have, write them down and follow these guidelines:

  • Be Specific - write down exactly, what you want to do
  • Make sure your goal/goals is/are achievable - this is really important or you will set yourself up to fail
  • Make it realistic- as above, if your goal is not realistic, you will be disappointed.
  • Measure and record- write down your achievements in order to keep you on track
  • Set time limits - set short and long term goals.

My runs are getting longer, Im currently upto Three and a half hours. Im getting used to putting calories in as im running. My plan at present is to have an SIS Go gel every hour and a banana or flapjack every 2 hours.

Diary of a long distance runner.

Monday 22nd April 2013 - Nice slow 3 miles to make sure my leg was ok. felt good to get back to running.

Tuesday 23rd April 2013 - A steady 6 miles, weather was warm with no wind. Nice to run in.

Thursday 25th April 2013 - a slow 6 miles with Paula and my son Ryan on his bike. weather was warm and felt close

Saturday 27th April 2013.- a steady 22 miles, it started chilly, Paula joined me for the middle 7.5 miles. It was hot when i finished. 

£10,000 journey has started

Thank you to those that donated this week

Jane Bradbury- a friend from my school days (before i stopped going) 
Astrid King- one of my Walberswick exercise ladys

Please go to
to donate

Text NUZZ69 to70070  its really easy

Thank you in advance of your Kindness

Sunday, 21 April 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lots of running news this week. Some bad...... the unforgivable bombings at the Boston Marathon... Why???   They were all innocent people either taking part in an event close to their heart or watching. Speedy recovery to all those injured and condolences to those families that have had losses. To help families that have been affected by the bombings  The One Fund has been set up

Some Good........ the fantastic 2013 Virgin London Marathon. If you have ever thought of running this event, stop thinking and apply to get in ballot.   watch...... what a fantastc day.

Well done to the 36,000 people that ran and raised so much money for so many great charities.

some Frustrating........  After my restful time last week, I felt really good and optimistic for my running this week. In a moment of haste and madness that was lost. I was short of time, which is a regular occurrance in my life and I needed to get somewhere on foot in a short space of time. This called for a sprint, unfortunately for me, my right hamstring didn't like that and decided to protest by causing me pain, which can only be described as a hot rod being stuck into the back of my leg. This has forced me to rest again this week, which is doing my head in. Luckily for me, I Have a great soft tissue therapist, Ali Kent. Thanks Ali.

This seems a good time to give Fitness tip#5   
If injured and have pain, swelling and heat at the site of pain, P.R.I.C.E

Protect..  Make sure the injured area cannot be made worse
Rest..  Self explanatory as hard as it may be
Ice.. Apply ice to the affected area until it goes numb,then remove. Apply again after a period of at least 45 minutes.
Compress.. Apply  tubigrip or something similar
Elevate... Keep the injured limb as elevated as possible.

Ring your local Sports massage therapist or soft tissue therapist to make an appointment.
Take care of yourself in order to keep your goals on track.

Some good to see.... The warm weather has brought my girlfriends motivation to run again. Ive been reduced to biking, whilst Paula has been getting running and sunning done together.

Paula is running this years Great North Run as 

Please sponsor her at

Diary of a long distance runner.

Monday 15th April. 6miles, early morning, very warm but a nice start to my week.

aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhh to the end of the week.

Text NUZZ69 to 70070 please, I need my spirits lifted

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Its here.......... the giving site is Live.

Its Here........................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The 2 years to go starts today............  Please please please Sponsor me and help raise the £10,000 that I would like to give to Mencap. Its so easy to do.

1. go to    

2.  Text  NUZZ69 to 70070

3. Stop me when Im out running and give me your cash

If you want to guess How far i will run in 12hours on the 29th June 2013. Just use method number 1 and leave your guess of mile totals and toilet stops along with contact details in the donation message. Each guess is £2.

If you own a company or work for a company and feel that you would like to sponsor me in return for International advertisement, then please email me at  for more information

This week the plans started for an Exercizathon, this event will have amazing classes on an outstanding Timetable, delivered by a team of fantastic instructors. date to be confirmed. Watch this space.............

Lets hope the cold weather is behind us, bring on the heat......
Fitness tip#4   Listen to your body. 

If you didnt take heed of Fitness tip#3 or your week has been extra hectic, make sure you listen to your body. Training gains don't disappear instantly, so rest your body, re think your training if needs be, look at your diet, but don't be down hearted. Your Goal/Goals will benefit in the end.

Diary of long distance runner

Wednesday 10th April 2013. - 6 miles cross country with Paula. It was warm and dry.

Yep thats all this week, I took my own advice and had an easy week.

Thank you in advance, and please keep following my Blog...... I've hit 1000 views of my blog. Take care

Friday, 12 April 2013

1 day to go!!!!!!!!!

This is what my next two years is building up to.
Please watch and then tell your friends about it
The toughest foot race on earth

I want to raise £10,000 for Mencap. Watch this blog for more details

2 days to go!!!!!!!!!

Have a look.       Start of Mds 2013

Sunday, 7 April 2013

1 week to go.......

The Marathon des sable 2013 started today with a 37km first stage.

Just to let you know how big this event is. Below is a list of equipment and people involved in running the event:

  • 120,000 litres of mineral water
  • 400 support staff
  • 100 volunteers for the course
  • 100 4×4 vehicles
  • 270 saharan and Berber tents
  • 2 “Ecureuil” helicopters and 1 “Cessna” plane
  • 23 buses
  • 6 MDS specific commercial planes
  • 4 camels
  • 4 quads bikes
  • 3 mountain bikes
  • 1 incinerator lorry for burning waste
  • 52 strong medical team
  • 6,5 kms of Elastoplast , 2,700 compeed blister plasters, 19,000 compresses
  • 6,000 painkillers and 150 litres of disinfectant
  • 6 satellite telephones, 15 computers, fax and internet
  • 1 editing bus, 5 cameras and 1 satellite image station
wow I cannot wait for 2015.

Back to the uk, and it looks like the weather is finally warming up. Paula seems to have got her mojo back. She came out for the first 9 miles of my run today ( thank you mi darling).
It feels so much better, when it's warm and sunny, whatever distance you are running. When the weather is nice is easy to keep training day in day out. I wrote last week about losing training time, well this week I'm going to mention training too much, as this also can be detrimental to your goal/ goals. 
Overtraining can put your training one or many steps in a backward direction

Fitness tip#3
Increase your weekly mileage by a maximum of 10 % of the previous week.

Diary of a long distance runner.

Monday 1st April - a non foolish steady 7 miler with Paula. Cold, but dry.

Wednesday  3rd April - a steady 10 miles, cold with abit of snow.

Friday 5th April - a steady 7 miler with Paula. Very cold.

Sunday 7th April - a steady 21 miles, Paula ran the first 9 miles. Lovely and sunny.

1 week until my giving site goes live.........

Happy running!!!!!!!!!!