Sunday, 28 April 2013

Wahooo!!!!!!! its been warmer

Its been a better week for my running this week. The suns been out. My legs and feet are feeling good.

Im on to 4 pages of guesses for my 12hr run on June 29th 2013. You still have plenty of time, if you want to make a guess or add another guess.As I mentioned in previous blogs, I have been forced to change venue for this challenge.  I will confirm by the end of May, but its likely that i will be running around a 2 mile ish circuit on seafront/cliff at Gorleston on Sea, Norfolk.
Gorleston cliff

This is the site of a weekly Parkrun at Gorleston cliffs, which is free to enter, its 5km and starts at 9am every Saturday. Make sure you have registered with Parkrun before you go. Even though its free, you need to print out a personilised bar code to get your time.

There are runners of all abilities, ages, sizes. Go on ,give it a look.

Fitness Tip#6    Goal setting.

If you get this right, the world is your oyster. Whatever goals you have, write them down and follow these guidelines:

  • Be Specific - write down exactly, what you want to do
  • Make sure your goal/goals is/are achievable - this is really important or you will set yourself up to fail
  • Make it realistic- as above, if your goal is not realistic, you will be disappointed.
  • Measure and record- write down your achievements in order to keep you on track
  • Set time limits - set short and long term goals.

My runs are getting longer, Im currently upto Three and a half hours. Im getting used to putting calories in as im running. My plan at present is to have an SIS Go gel every hour and a banana or flapjack every 2 hours.

Diary of a long distance runner.

Monday 22nd April 2013 - Nice slow 3 miles to make sure my leg was ok. felt good to get back to running.

Tuesday 23rd April 2013 - A steady 6 miles, weather was warm with no wind. Nice to run in.

Thursday 25th April 2013 - a slow 6 miles with Paula and my son Ryan on his bike. weather was warm and felt close

Saturday 27th April 2013.- a steady 22 miles, it started chilly, Paula joined me for the middle 7.5 miles. It was hot when i finished. 

£10,000 journey has started

Thank you to those that donated this week

Jane Bradbury- a friend from my school days (before i stopped going) 
Astrid King- one of my Walberswick exercise ladys

Please go to
to donate

Text NUZZ69 to70070  its really easy

Thank you in advance of your Kindness

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