Sunday, 21 April 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lots of running news this week. Some bad...... the unforgivable bombings at the Boston Marathon... Why???   They were all innocent people either taking part in an event close to their heart or watching. Speedy recovery to all those injured and condolences to those families that have had losses. To help families that have been affected by the bombings  The One Fund has been set up

Some Good........ the fantastic 2013 Virgin London Marathon. If you have ever thought of running this event, stop thinking and apply to get in ballot.   watch...... what a fantastc day.

Well done to the 36,000 people that ran and raised so much money for so many great charities.

some Frustrating........  After my restful time last week, I felt really good and optimistic for my running this week. In a moment of haste and madness that was lost. I was short of time, which is a regular occurrance in my life and I needed to get somewhere on foot in a short space of time. This called for a sprint, unfortunately for me, my right hamstring didn't like that and decided to protest by causing me pain, which can only be described as a hot rod being stuck into the back of my leg. This has forced me to rest again this week, which is doing my head in. Luckily for me, I Have a great soft tissue therapist, Ali Kent. Thanks Ali.

This seems a good time to give Fitness tip#5   
If injured and have pain, swelling and heat at the site of pain, P.R.I.C.E

Protect..  Make sure the injured area cannot be made worse
Rest..  Self explanatory as hard as it may be
Ice.. Apply ice to the affected area until it goes numb,then remove. Apply again after a period of at least 45 minutes.
Compress.. Apply  tubigrip or something similar
Elevate... Keep the injured limb as elevated as possible.

Ring your local Sports massage therapist or soft tissue therapist to make an appointment.
Take care of yourself in order to keep your goals on track.

Some good to see.... The warm weather has brought my girlfriends motivation to run again. Ive been reduced to biking, whilst Paula has been getting running and sunning done together.

Paula is running this years Great North Run as 

Please sponsor her at

Diary of a long distance runner.

Monday 15th April. 6miles, early morning, very warm but a nice start to my week.

aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhh to the end of the week.

Text NUZZ69 to 70070 please, I need my spirits lifted

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