Saturday, 11 May 2013

Summers here yayyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!

I think summer is finally here, well its certainly warmer than of late.My blogging has been lacking in the last couple of weeks. Believe it or not I started this at the start of May, and the first line was all I could manage. Writing isn't something I enjoy and have to make a big effort. I'm only cheating myself .Anyway, here we go.

My Training is gradually getting longer, but surprisingly this is not putting me off. However my poor toes are taking a battering. Someone once told me that you know your a runner when you toe nails are black. Well mine are all going black. I've trimmed them, I've tried re-lacing my shoes, so that my feet don't slide around. Could do with some help. If you know  of a foot specialist that could give me some advise, please let me know.

This week my good friend Claire Whittenbury,wrote me a press release. Here is your preview

Press release May 7th, 2013:

Fitness Instructor pushes himself to the extremes.
Having braved Arctic temperatures in 2011, now Mark Nussey is heating things up to raise funds for MENCAP by racing across the Sahara.

Nussey, 44, lives and works in Lowestoft as a fitness consultant and sports massage therapist. He has already run 3 London Marathons and trekked across Northern Scandinavia for charity, but this is his biggest undertaking yet. In April 2015 he will be competing in the 30th anniversary of the Marathon de Sables, the toughest footrace on earth. According to the official MDS literature The race is a gruelling multi-stage adventure trough a formidable landscape in one of the worlds most inhospitable climates.

He will fly to Morocco 2 days before the event in order to acclimatise, then travel by bus and cattle truck to the start where the temperatures will be in the region of 50 degrees centigrade, a stark contrast to the – 44 experienced in the Arctic. Regardless of the dangers, places in the race are much sought after and Mark is not only committed to training his body and mind to endure the baking heat and huge distance of 156 miles in 5 days but he has also signed up to raise £10,000 for MENCAP, a charity close to his heart.  His stepdaughter Ella, who is 20, was born with Downs Syndrome and her mother Paula Lambert has worked for, as well as being supported by MENCAP through Ella’s life and she is in turn supporting Mark in his challenging undertaking.

Once the race starts he’s on his own though, he will have to carry everything he needs to survive on his back, the only support in the desert will be the checkpoint and the end of stage tents. The mental strain on a race like this, with the intense heat and nothing but sand and dust for mile upon mile, cannot be underestimated. It is not unusual for competitors to hallucinate whilst running and many are withdrawn due to dehydration.  Having started his career in the RAF and worked in the fitness and motivation business for the last 15 years Mark is well placed to cope with the long distances, the scorching Moroccan sun and desert mountains, even the occasional sand storm should not break his stride - but the most challenging aspect of his target is the fundraising.

£10,000 is a lot of money for one man to raise but he’s already started by setting up a fundraising page on Just Giving: and his programme of events so far includes a 12 hour endurance run on June 29th and a ‘Spinathon’ at The Waterlane Leisure Centre, in Lowestoft on September 28th. He is actively searching for sponsorship from local businesses and his blog will chart his physical and fundraising progress over the next 2 years as well as sharing his fitness and endurance tips:

For further information on the Marathon de Sables:
To contact Mark Nussey: Mobile: 07973 511250

Thanks Claire

For those of you that want a challenge or a new goal. THE SPARTAN RACE SEASON STARTS IN AUGUST.
                                                       SPARTAN RACING

Theres a distance for everyone, and the good news is Im part of the Spartan street team, so if you enter my discount code  SPARTAN53 you will get 10% of entrance fee  Aroooooooooo!!!!!!!

Go on, you know you want to.........     

Fitness tip #7     Run Partner
Having someone to run with can be a great asset. Having that other person means its not so easy to say I cant be bothered with a run today. They can be good company if you are doing a longer run. They can be a good source of information and experience.
Just one bit of Advice. Make sure that they are of a similar standard or are willing to run at or around your standard. This will prevent you from pushing yourself too much or not enough.

Diary of a long distance Runner

Wednesday 1st May 2013  - a slow 3 miler with Paula, it was very hot

Thursday 2nd May 2013 - a steady 11.5 miles, was abit windy, but that kept me cool, legs felt good

Monday 6th May 2013 - a very hot 15.25 miles, 1.5 of which was on the beach, this felt good

Thursday 9th May 2013 - oh my days this was an extremely windy 14.75 miles, but again felt good ( well when i got home anyway)


Andy Orchard - Blast from the Past, Regiment friend

John Berwick - Ex Regiment Gunner - never met (yet)

Claire Whittenbury - Walberswick exerciser and Press release writer


well training is on hold for the next couple of days......

Regiment Reunion in Grantham

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