Saturday, 19 April 2014

5 weeks till L2B

Continuing on from last post and catching up with the last few months. Here's a few vids of my runs. I will be covering more of my runs on video as i have recently purchased a mono pole, which takes good footage.

Here's a sunny seaside run with Paula.....


And a crazy night run starting at 2am

 My eating has changed for the better also. I'm trying to get to my race weight if possible. Improving food quality and quantity is changing slowly. I've always said I'm a functional eater rather than eating something because it looks good or tastes out of this world. Since ultra running food functionality has taken a whole new dimension. It's another thing on the list that has to be taken serious and not being overlooked.
This is something I had at the weekend......

Steak with charred corn salsa with white bean salad......... Lush and very filling.

Now that I'm making time for blogging, from next week, the old blog bits will return like: diary of a long distance runner, fitness tips and donation roll of honour.

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  1. Good to see you are blogging again - nice posts! (Can I hire your mono pole for an extra donation in May please?)