Sunday, 11 May 2014

2 weeks till London to Brighton

Had my last long run before L2B in Tuesday 6th May 2014. The only way to fit it in around work, was to go out at 3.30 am. Consequently I was tired before I started. Went steady and was joined after 31/2 hours by jon Regester (thanks mate) for 1.5 hours. My last 3 hours was cross country. Had a sock change every 3 hours and it felt great every time. I used ultra fuel every 2.5 hours. Was good during the run but upset my stomach afterwards. When I got back, had a rego and then jumped straight in a cold bath. Hot shower, carbs and off to work with a school and a game of footie. Unsurprisingly I felt abit weary in the evening. All in all felt good, feet good, knees good. Think I got a slight hamstring issue. It's now Sunday and it's ok.
Here the videos of the run.




7.15 am




Fitness tip#11 last time I mentioned getting friends and family involved in your training. Think about raising money for a charity. Pick a challenge or event, raising cash for your chosen charity will keep you motivated.

This blogs donation roll of honour

Andy and Sue Trohear - good friends of mine
Lisa Colby - my yoga teacher
Julie jones - sports therapy client

Thank you so much

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