Sunday, 4 August 2013

Sun,sand, sun and more sand

My reduced training mileage has continued. My hamstring feels better. I have exchanged miles for degrees, and travelled to Tunisia, where I got my first experience of the Sahara and was able to do some heat and sand running.
I've not liked my lack of training and was desperate to get back to it.
Whilst in Tunisia we had a temperature range of 29 to 51 degrees, some windy conditions and a big sandstorm, which gave me an understanding of how easy it would be to get disorientated.
I have changed the fluids that I run with. I have changed to plain water instead of a squash mix. I also use salt and mineral capsules to counteract the minerals that I lose in my sweat. I take one capsule every 30 minutes to an hour. In Tunisia, as I was still conscious about my hamstring, I started with slow 3 mile road runs, building upto 5 miles and then I moved onto sand running, at was always in the back of my mind to not overdo it and I kept my runs to every few days ( after all I was on holiday)
I have to say I enjoyed running in the heat, I know I ran at a slower than normal pace but my heart rate was still ranging from 140 - 170 bpm.
I have also changed running shoe, to one with a bigger toe box in an attempt to save my toe nails. The shoe I have gone for is the Brooks Adrenalin GTS 13

I will review them as I go through my runs, but they feel good so far.
Photos in Tunisia

My first hot sand run .......Phew!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Diary of a long distance runner
9th July 2013 slow 3.5 miles on the road, felt comfortable even though it was warm
11th July 2013 steady 3 miles on the road
16th July 2013 steady 3 miles on the road in the Tunisian sun, hot and dry. Felt good
17th July 2013 slow 3.3 miles with Paula, early morning, warm and dry
19th July 2013 slow 4.25 miles on the road, very hot, didn't take enough water
23rd July 2013 steady 4 miles, very hot and dry
27th July 2013 5 mile sand run, loved it. Hot hot hot
30th July 2013 6 mile slow run, back in the uk, felt good. Still warm
2nd August 2013 8 miles steady, good hydration, warm and dry
4th August 2013 10 mile steady, felt comfortable.
7th August 2013 8 miles steady run, late afternoon, didn't feel as comfortable
10th August 2013 early morning steady 20 miles, warm, last 3 miles with no water.
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