Sunday, 15 September 2013

Another mile stone reached

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It was put back once but on the 17th August 2013, I completed my 12 hour Endurance run. The day started very foggy and I thought I was going to be in for a cool, scene less run.

How wrong, I was. By 8.30am the sun had burnt through and was beaming down with vengeance. The 1.75 mile loop that I was travelling had a path at the top of the cliff and a path along the bottom of the cliff, running past JayJays Beach cafe. The top path gave a bit of relief from the heat as there was a cool breeze, as opposed to the bottom path that offered nothing whatsoever.
Every lap I was taking fluid from my girlfriend Paula and her daughter Ella.
This was my day, round the 1.75 mile route, running, eating and drinking. This was more of a mental challenge than a running challenge and thankfully I had some great people running at various times through the day to keep me going. It seems a good time to mention them
Andy Deacon, Phil and Marie Ayers, Alan Fairs, Paul Harrod, Johannes Langer,Kim Gowen, Claire Smith, Olivia Smith , Deborah Smith, Tamsin Desborough, and not forgetting Ella, who did a fantastic job of lap counting and as always Paula who continues to support me.
My target was 63 miles and was ahead of the game and on target until at about 20 miles, the recent hamstring injury showed its head again. Fortunately it wasn't enough to end my endeavour, but it was enough to not allow me to push on to my goal. So a quick stop to put on a compression bandage and off I went again.

In training I had been having an Sis gel every hour and a porridge every 2 hours. And seemed to work really well.

This worked for the first 3 hours on the endurance day, but then I had no interest in eating porridge. I'm not sure if it was because it was hot, but my training plan for eating went out of the window. My eating went to a gel every hour and a Jaffa cake or some cake every now and then. I did however drink plenty of fluids. I had water or water with Nunn hydration tablets added. I drink more than 15 litres in 12 hours and only had 5 toilet stops whoop !!!!!!
I had some low points during the day, mainly when I was running alone. I would like to say a massive thank you to the following people, who made the run possible and who kept me going.

On my last lap round I needed my last toilet stop. As I came out of the loo, I had to go up 3 steps, would believe it, I caught the top step with my toe and in slow motion fell forwards cutting my knee and hands. Lol...
Surprisingly I felt okay when I stopped. On long events previously I have felt dizzy and not with it, when I stopped. But i was ok, tired but ok.I drove home, got in an ice cold bath, followed by a hot shower and stretch. I had a Chinese before bed. Can't remember going to sleep. Good 8 hour sleep then got up, the stairs down were challenging at first, once I was moving, my legs felt ok.
Diary of a long distance runner
17th August 2013. 57.38 miles (details above)
24th August 2013 steady 4.12 miles x- country run in thetford forest with Paula, bit of a wet day
28th August 2013 steady 5.15 miles road
31st August 2013 steady 10.5miles on the road. Dry and abit warm
3rd September 2013 fast 5 miles x country
7th September 2013 8.30 miles on the road, comfortable pace with Paula
9th September 2013 4 miles, fast pace x country, very warm and dry
10th September 2013 4.31miles x country , very warm, steady pace.
11th September 2013 4 miles x country, early morning, felt good
12th September 2013 5 miles on the road, dry, steady pace
13th September 2013 4 miles steady pace on treadmill in garage, god it's hot in there, felt very thirsty.
14th September 2013 10miles, steady pace, wet and windy
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Paul Kemp ........Director of Staffbank recruitment agency
Pam and Bernie Miller...... Heartcare exercisers
Keith Watkins and Malcolm Harper.... Cardiac patients
Pat Pittam.... Sports therapy client
Julia Sowerbutt....... One of my Walberswick ladies
Pete and Angela.... My neighbours
Jan Reid....... One of my LBT ladies.
Deborah Smith...... One of Paula's friends
Angela and David Mower..... Waveney Valley Runners
Sally Dravniek ........ A fellow exercise instructor
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