Sunday, 22 June 2014

Whoop whoop over 7 grand

Nothing much going on at the moment. Just settling into training. As I promised myself. More trail than road. Gradually working my way from Blundeston to Norwich, on mainly a trail. Blundeston to Breydon bridge on Angles way

As the title says..... I'm now over £7000, and it feels great

Since last November, I have been in communication with a serving RAF Regiment gunner, who completed the MDS in 2013. His name is Paul (gloomy) Groombridge.He had been giving me tips and info via Facebook messenger and email, but we had never met. Well that changed yesterday. We had decided to have a meet up for a beer and a chat with some grub. He offered to give me a sports massage. Which I desperately needed. Excellent treatment. Very Professional. As I said, he is still serving, so he generally does evenings and weekends. So if you are closer to Bury st Edmunds than Lowestoft here is Paul's website

Press here.... Paul's website
Obviously if your closer to Lowestoft...... Come to me lol

So after my treatment, it was off to grab some grub and a beer. Paul is a top bloke and gave me some top tips and loaned me some kit (pictured below) including a venom pump, heavy duty lighter, mirror, sand goggles and an all important Union Jack patch

Thanks mate. Good to have met you.

fitness tip#13... Sleep sleep. So important for recovery and repair and for mental attitude. If your sleep has been suffering, then pull back on your training. Some one once said to me " rest is best"

Diary of a long distance runner.

9th June 2014- 45min trail run
10th June 2014 - 30 min road
12th June 2014 - 30 min road steady run
14th June 2014 - 30min trail run
16th June 2014 - 30 min trail
17th June 2014 - 60 min trail/road, very warm
18th June 2014 - 165 min trail/ road
22nd June 2014- 60 min trail

This blogs donation roll of honour.

Jo Charles- massage client
Baz Thomas- ex Reggie gunner
Karen Hamilton - massage client

As always thank you so much

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