Sunday, 15 March 2015

Happy New Year

Well here it is ...... 2015......the year of the 30th Marathon Des Sable. I'm writing this blog with under 12 weeks to go until I fly out to Morocco. Quite a bit has happened since my last blog and not just christmas and new year. So sit back and enjoy my latest instalment.

On the 15th November, I went to Silverstone race track to The Porsche Human Performance centre, where I had sweat test

Press here to watch

That has to be the easiest fitness test that I have ever done. Following an easy test came the not so easy part. This said, I'm glad I experienced it, as it gave me valuable information and feelings that could be useful when in the Sahara. The heat chamber was set at 43 degrees, the plan was to stay in there for an hour. I'd asked the technician Jack to take me to the limit, as I wanted to feel when I would need to slow down in order to be safe. I went in with 1.5 litres of squash on my back. Started on the treadmill slow and then the speed was taken up to 10kph, every 5 minutes, Jack checked my core body temperature. I managed to run for 40minutes before my core temp got to 39.4 degrees. I was losing concentration and my fingers felt like hot pins were being stuck in the ends, so I figure this was quite a dangerous level. The speed was slowed down, my heart rate came down, as did my core temp and I saw out the hour in there. When I came out I was weighed and had lost 1.2 kg in the hour. My water bag was weighed and I had drunk 1.2kg of fluid, happy days.

Heat chamber.... Click to see

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