Monday, 30 March 2015

Only a few days to go.

Everything is going on at the moment. In my wisdom ive also decided that I need to catch up all that has happened before I go.

So the research program stuff has been ongoing and at times tedious, with filling out food diaries and activity diaries. I really didn't find them easy and had to try to remember to log all ASAP.

Last month was my birthday, so I thought a good way to raise some would be to " go bald for my birthday" I wanted to see if my hair would itch when growing back and so then be better prepared for desert. I asked all to put in my Mencap bucket and promised to shave off all my hair if I reached £500 ( cunning plan, cos I would have done it for £1). Amazingly in 6 weeks the bucket had in it. Thank all that put in, absolutely amazing. This is my hair before cutting it cut, probably the longest it's ever been.

This is the shaving off of my hair at my birthday party. I think everyone had a go at one stage or another.Press to watch

There are lots and lots of people that have helped me prepare for the event, with information, treatments, yoga, and I am really grateful for the time that they have spent. I wanted to advertise their businesses as a thank you, so I had a t shirt made up with their logos on.

On the 20th April 2015 I went back to Porsche Human performance at Silverstone for my second heat chamber run. I didn't have any major changes in my performance from last time, but Jack, one of the technicians said that he wouldn't expect to as I hadn't done any heat acclimation since last time.

Following the heat chamber I wanted to carry on with the heat acclimation, so I decided to do step aerobics every day until I was heading down to Gatwick . I started with 20 minutes and worked upto 35 minutes. That is hard work. The sauna was at 50 degrees plus.

Time to pack..... This was going to be easier said than done. All this

Into a 20 litre rucksack. Thankfully I had the use of my good friend Jon OHaras vacuum packing machine. We got there after a few hours of packing and re packing.

I have really rushed to get this last blog done in a slimline version  before I go, will fatten it up more, when I get home.

Whilst I'm away, I can be followed at

My race number is 0424 

One last thing before I head off to my adventure in the desert.

I am currently at £9290 for Mencap

Thank you all so much, and will have loads of pics and stories to tell I'm sure, when I get back

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