Sunday, 17 March 2013

Great start to fundraising- Thank you

I'm back to running in normal trainers, which has been abit strange after being in five fingers for two years.  I did 13 miles yesterday and my legs and feet feel fine.

The guesses for my 12 hr endurance run challenge are coming in thick and fast. I'm on my 3rd sheet already. There has been some great attempts at figuring out how many miles I will go and how many toilet stops I will make. Some people seem to think I'm super human and have more faith in my PEANUT bladder than I do. The lowest guess so far is 24 miles and 2 toilet stops, the highest is 250 miles (lol) and 12 toilet stops. It's quite funny listening to people trying to calculate how far I will run based on previous times I have run, what I plan to wear, level of fitness etc. of course I'm confident that my fitness will change as the event gets closer. In Walberswick this week I was sat with 6 people discussing how many times I might need to 'go' and I'd never even met 2 of them before, they were old enough to be my parents.

For those reading this, that haven't a clue what I'm talking about. This my first challenge.
On the 29th June 2013, I'm going to run round Fords only Uk test track in Basildon. I will start running at 8am and stop at 8pm. Yes you read right, it is a 12 hour challenge.
That's my challenge, and your challenge  if you want to win 20% of the money collected for this event, you will need to guess how far I will go in the 12 hours, and you will also need to guess how many toilet breaks that me and my peanut bladder will take, incase of a tie break situation.
A guess will cost you £2  or 2 guesses for £3, with 80% going to Mencap and 20% going to the winning person. You can have as many tries as you like.

The more guesses made, the bigger the prize fund, go on, you know it makes sense

There are a number of people including me that you can approach to make your guess or multiple guesses. 

My gorgeous girlfriend Paula Lambert
Helen Pybus
Linda Drew 
Andrea Hoskins
Jon Regester
Mel Young

I would like to say  a big thank you to those listed

 above, for their help with this

Whilst I'm on the subject of thank you,s. I would like to thank Paula for her ongoing support and because she is going to participate in the GREAT NORTH RUN to raise more cash for Mencap. If you see her please please please sponsor her.

Running and fitness I'm not bad at. Computers, writing, media, I'm rubbish at. Thank you to Claire whittenbury for help with that stuff. I really should have gone to school

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  1. Ooooops sorry. I forgot to thank Suzie and Debs at Alexandra rd surgery for their help in circulating a guess sheet. Thank you