Sunday, 16 June 2013

Back to running ways

Thank The Lord, it's been a frustrating fortnight. Been finding it very difficult not to run. The hamstring tear may still be in the background but hasn't stopped me training this week.

My injuries have left me to focus on myself and to realise that injuries and pain can be avoided or eased with abit of thought and care about one self. Fixing your feet-this book has opened my eyes and given me some great tips

A must read for anyone wanting to make running a big part of their life.

So with my 12 hr endurance , I felt that this weekend I should run for 8 hours not so much a distance test, but a test of my mental ability. It was certainly tested. During the 8 hours, Lowestoft saw lots of different weather, rain, wind ,sun and hail.
I was eating roughly every 2-3 hours and having a gel every hour.
I would like to thank the James Paget University hospital, who fitted my with a mobile Electro Cardio gram machine to see how my heart would cope with an 8 hour run.

Results to follow...
I was followed for the first 2.5 hours and the last 2.5 hours by my girlfriend Paula on her bike. She kept me motivated. Thank you.
Roll on the 12hr run, looking forward to it.

This blogs donation roll of honour.

Claire Whittonbury

Thank you

12 hour endurance run at gorleston is a fortnight away. Come along and say hello or even run with me for a while

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