Sunday, 6 October 2013

Organise, organise , organise

Long distance running definitely needs you to be organised. Balancing work, kids and relationships can be tricky. As all of the above are important to me, and need time with them, I'm tuning in my multiple tasking and pre planning skills.
I'm following a 100mile race plan by Matt Mahoney, but have changed his miles recommendations to kilometres. On his plan, I do 2 runs per day with a long run at the weekend. 2-3 gym sessions.
I have now have my entry to London to Brighton in May 2014 and am still considering the Grim Reaper 100 miler in August 2014.
Somebody asked this week, why would I even consider doing those kind of distances.
Since my helicopter crash in 1993, I have thought that life is too short and that I want to do as much as I'm am mentally and physically able to do. If I can raise cash for charities that are close to my heart along the way, we'll that would be a great bonus.
Saw this quote this weekend and have to totally agree

The more I get into this running world that I have entered, the more things I see and want to attempt. God willing, I will conquer a vast amount before having to hang up my trainers.
I can't believe its autumn. We are having some great sunny weather.
Here's a quick video of a run I did the other morning.
Lovely sunny view
And some pics of today at Cambridge

RAF Regt veterans contingent

Me and mi girl
Diary of a long distance runner
30th September 2013 - 4 miles road run at race pace
1st October 2013 - 3 miles x country, fast pace in morning
3 miles on the road, fast pace in afternoon
2nd October 2013 - 3 miles x country , slow pace in morning
5.6 miles steady, evening run with Paula which included the Lowestoft scores
3rd October 2013 - steady morning road run, 3 miles, very sunny.
4th October 2013- steady morning road run, 3 miles, cool but dry
Steady late afternoon run, 3 miles, got absolutely wet through
6th October 2013- Cambridge Town and Gown 10k. Race pace. 45:47, very warm, good course, bit of x country, quite flat.
It has become apparent that I have been craving an energy uplift through an increase in my caffeine intake. So Goal for this week is yto cut back to 2 cups per day and a minimum of 2 litres of water, not including fluid taken on during exercise.
OMG I have had an anonymous donation of £100. Thank you, whoever you are.
This blogs Donation roll of honour
Tricia Hazelton - friend of Paula's
Claire Whittonbury - one of my Walberswick ladies
Two anonymous donators
Thank you Thank you Thank you

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